CS5000 title

Standard Features

•Fold down Metal Shade Canopy for Towing

•ANSI/ISEA Compliant Shower and Eye Wash Station

•Power Breezer Cooling System

•16 Foot all Steel Tandem-Axle Trailer 15” Rims with 6- Ply Tires

•300 Gallons of Portable Water

•Two- Insulated Water Coolers

•Hydraulic Brakes on Both Axles

•Stainless Sink with Faucet

•HWY Legal in all 50 States


Optional Features

•Powerful Oscillating Misting fan

•Power Invertor/ Generator

•Sun Screens

•Customized Paint

•First Aid kit

•Storage Box

•Yeti Coolers

•Custom Decals

•Customization is welcomed